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Welcome to Mayflower's Self-Serve Spam service. You can request that we send you a few samples of known 'spam' for use in testing the operation of our anti-spam products, SpamSentinel.

Please fill in the email address(es) below that you would like the spam to be sent to. Each piece of spam sent will have all the addresses in the 'send to' field. All email will be sent from 'mailer@maysoft.org'.

Please note that in order to prevent abuse of this service, we track the IP address of computers used to make these requests.

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Antivirus Test Email:
The European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research www.eicar.org created the EICAR Test File, an innocent, executable string, designed to test the integrity of antivirus software. This will be included as an attachment in the email sent to you.
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You may use this service 5 more times during this 24-hour time period. Time remaining: 24 hours.
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